New Ukrainian Music: SadSvit, Astronata, Райчу (Raichu), Drudkh, and Others

Maksym Komlev

This is new Ukrainian music we recommend you to listen to.

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Translator: Daryna Horychenkо

Morphom & SadSvit — Повертайся живим (Come Back Alive)

“And while you are there, you are waited for,” strong lyrics and sound from Jerry Heil, Jamala, and Pianoбой’s sound producer and Касета (Cassette) track author.

Astronata — На частини (To Pieces)

The Kharkiv duet usually writes songs about love, but… The desire to tear the enemy apart is felt even in the angelic Nata Smirina’s vocal.

Drudkh — Листопад (November)

A new song from the first in four years album of the iconic black metal band: hoot and pain as it is.

Signals Feed The Void — Монумент / Постамент (Monument / Pedestal)

Post-punk from the south of Ukraine (Kherson/Odesa) about various emotional states: in the first song, the character is looking for strength to move forward with his life, in the second one he lives a day.

Palmo X — No Worries
A wonderful work of a Lviv singer. Everything is in its place — a melody, pronunciation, instrumental part and refrain which you start to hum after the very first listening. 

Довгий Пес (Dovhyi Pes) & Jointjay — Стріляє реп (Rap Shots)

It’s rap about rap from rappers to those who love rap.

Sad Novelist — Досить! (Enough!)

A depressive confession and self-torture from the Ivano-Frankivsk artist.

Asilia & Олександр Положинський (Oleksandr Polozhynskyi) — Як ти там? (How Are You There?)

“There is a hard ceaseless battle, at times with a stranger, at others with myself,” after coming back from the front, the former Тартак (Tartak) leader wrote this song and recorded it with a Ukrainian singer.

Gera Gerc — Awesome

Rock and meanings in the debut Ukrainian-language track of the rapper and radio host.

Nestor Selin — Втекти (To Escape)

A rhythmic appeal to action and return to movement in a debut performer’s song. According to his words, it motivates him to do something. Try it as well.

Ivan Humorezka — Смерть однієї амбіції (Death of One Ambition) EP
There is music that is hard to understand, but you can’t help listening to it. This is the case. The extended play starts with a track about an Ancient Greek sacrificial ritual and ends with the Indian mantra while the guitar sounds are mixed with beats there.

Райчу (Raichu) — UA POP-STAR

A debut Ukrainian-language extended play of the artist that manoeuvres among lyric rap, hyper pop, and just actual pop music. In two tracks, there are verses from Clonnex and blessbaby.


A new solo work of a Povod post-punk band member is a hysterical and emotional mess of shoegaze and the same post-punk with the vocals hidden under the layers of sound.



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