Music listened to at the front. Playlist from the Armed Forces brigade in southern Ukraine

Maksym Komlev

SLUKH asked the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine what kind of music they listen to on the front line. The first playlist is from Roman Nabozhniak, co-founder of the Veterano Brownie cafe, who returned to the Armed Forces in February and is currently on assignment in southern Ukraine.

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Roman told when and what music his team listens to.

— Most often, we listen to music in the car: when we go to the military outing or back, when we are preparing for a combat mission, when we go to the city to the post or to the store. In the place where we live, we sometimes listen to music on a speaker.

Therefore, you can conditionally make four playlists:

1) We are going on a combat mission

I’ve been a Metallica fan since I was in school, so Enter Sandman, The Day That Never Comes, Seek and Destroy are top picks when you’re preparing yourself up to successfully beat the Russians. Sometimes we listen to Boombox (Rock and Roll) and The HARDKISS (Tony, Talk and Make-Up)

2) We are leaving the combat spot

When it is necessary to rush very quickly, 80-90 km/h on arable land, especially if the Russians are chasing us with 152nd and Grads, then, of course, we forget about music at all. And when everything is going smoothly, then the most important thing is to turn on Latexfauna’s Surfer or Lime (because “you are a human, the most dangerous animal in the world” 🤣). We also listen to something like Leon Bridges (Bad Bad News, Texas Sun, River) or Jungle’s Happy Man. Also Jain (Makeba and Heads Up). And of course Led Zeppelin’s When The Levee Breaks.

3) Explosive playlist

In terms of activity, we also use something related to explosives. And recently, I caught myself having a funny feeling when we were preparing “gifts” for Russians, and I turned on the Spotify radio, and the track Vulfpeck by Aunt Leslie came on. There were a lot of cool tracks that I immediately added to my favorites: Tom Misch’d Disco Yes, Moonchild’d The List, Cory Wong’d Work it Out.

Since I believe that it is important in our business not to overthink everything that is happening around, but to do the work as efficiently and qualitatively as possible, then the head should be untwisted. This music helps a lot to adjust to such a mood.

4) Just going for parcels or to the store

I turn on my favorite bands in the car such as Snarky Puppy (I love the project Family Dinner, especially the first part), Pink Floyd, Latexfauna again and Boombox – I just mix them in Spotify.

Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka

Translate: Danylo Zhyrko



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