How DakhaBrakha became the main contemporary ukrainian band. Chronology

They put Ukrainian ethnic sound on another level, where it starts to absorb musical traditions from other cultures and countries. Thus the real ethnic chaos forms – a genre of hypnotizing, enjoying, and encouraging to solve this multilayer tangled mess named DakhaBrakha.

And DakhaBrakha are also living legends that put Ukraine on export all over the world, showing the diversity and uniqueness of our country. And they keep the bar rather high.

Before their huge concert, we decided to rewind the band’s remarkable path and make a little bio with the most memorable moments of DakhaBrakha on their road to glory.


The release of the first album Na Dobranich (Good night), recorded during the performance in the Dakh theatre.


The performance on the ethnic festival Kraina Mriy with an Iranian band Jammu.

August 27th 2007

 The release of the first studio album Yagudky (Berries).

September 13th 2007

The performance on the first GogolFest with an Armenian accordionist David Engibaryan.

February 25th 2009

The release of the second studio album Na Mezhi (On the line).

August 2009

The show on the Irish Festival of World Cultures, where DakhaBrakha mixed Ukrainian and Irish folklore with an Australian multi-instrumentalist Steve Cooney.

September 2009

Winning the Acoustic Music award on the 20th anniversary of the Chervona Ruta festival.

March 2010

DakhaBrakha became the laureate of one of the most prominent Russian awards for up-to-date art – the Sergey Kuryokhin prize. The prize was established in 2009 by the Fund and Center of Sergey Kuryokhin, a Russian avant-garde composer. The beginning of co-operation with the Morezvukov agency with Natasha Padabed as the European agent.

Autumn 2010

The performance with Finnish experimental accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen.

November 18th 2010

The release of the third studio album Light.

August 17th 2011

An appearance on the New Zealander TV, in the project of C4 Channel and National Geographic World Musiс. The host Nick D together with world musicians make covers of Kiwi musicians’ records. He requested for DakhaBrakha to perform the song Morning Light by drum’n’base DJ Concord Dawn.

August 2011

DakhaBrakha passes to the final of the netional Eurovision’s selection but withdrew to perform at the European festival they waited for so long.

February 22nd 2012

DakhaBrakha made an album Khmeleva Project in collaboration with a Belarussian trio Port Mone.

Autumn 2012

DakhaBrakha’s performance at the biggest showcase of world music WOMEX in Thessaloniki, Greece, became a sensation. The beginning of the cooperation with an American agency Riot Artist, with whom the band toured 18 times in North America.

Winter-spring 2012

DakhaBrakha for the request of the Dovzhenko Center recorded the soundtrack for the restored Oleksandr Dovzhenko’s movie Earth, 1930.

July 5th 2013

The performance on the Rosklide Denmark festival, with headliners including Metallica, Slipknot, Rihanna, Sigur Ros, and Queens Of The Stone Age.

September 2013

The first tour in the USA and Canada in 8 cities – New York, Albuquerque, Madison, Minneapolis, Cedar Rapids, Boston, Somerville, and Toronto.

December 25th 2013

Participation in a French showcase Rencontres Trans Musicalesі, the beginning of cooperation with a French agency Run Production. Thus commenced yearly DakhaBrakha tours in France.

January 12th 2014

The performance at the Globalfest festival in New York. After this, The New York Times – one of the biggest American newspapers – wrote an article about DakhaBrakha.

June 13th 2014

The performance at the American Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. One of the most respected music magazines Rolling Stone called DakhaBrakha “a Ukrainian folkdrone Björkpunk quartet” and “the festival’s best breakthrough act.”

July 26th-27th 2014

Two performances in the United Kingdom. July 26th – for the Dash Blaze project, made for live performances for musicians from post-Soviet countries. July 27th – the performance at the WOMAD (World of Music, Arts, and Dance) festival.

August 2014

The performance on the OFF Festival, where musicians met Jonathan Poneman, the co-founder of the iconic label Sub Pop Records, where Nirvana, Soundgarden, Sonic Youth, The Smashing Pumpkins, and The White Stripes were released.

October 31st 2016

The joint song of DakhaBrakha and JamalaZamanyly (Lured) – released.

December 1st 2016

The release of the fourth studio album Shlyakh (Way).

February 24th 2017

DakhaBrakha wins the first APrize, set by Kyiv radio station Radio Arystokraty for the best album of the year – Shlyakh (Way).

April – July 2017

The big tour in the USA and Canada in 29 cities.

April 26th 2017

The second episode of the third season of Fargo series, where the DakhaBrakha’s song Sho z-pod duba is heard, released.

November 2017

The USA tour in 17 cities.

November 22nd 2017

DakhaBrakha received the prize from the Ukrainian ambassador in the US Valeriy Chaluy “for the longtime successful job in promoting Ukrainian culture and capable striving to create the image of Ukraine as the modern country with rich traditions.”

September 9th 2017

Magical play Dreams of forgotten roads by DakhaBrakha and The Dakh theatre on the 10th GogolFest. The play was also performed in Oslo, Prague, and Perrier, France.

November 7th 2018

DakhaBrakha wins the Musical Project Award on the ELLE STYLE AWARDS 2018 – the prize of one of the most prominent world fashion magazines ELLE.

November 8th 2018

The movie by Yaroslav Lodygin Wild Field is released, based on the book Voroshylovgrad by Serhii Zhadan. There can be heard two songs of DakhaBrakhaTataryn-Bratko and Kozak.

March 7th 2019

The movie Hutsulka Ksenya released, where DakhaBrakha’s musicians appear for a couple of minutes, playing themselves.

July 3rd 2019

The first trailer of the documentary DakhaBrakha. On The Road about the band’s phenomenon released.

September 27th-29th 2019

DakhaBrakha performs for three days at the biggest Brazilian festival Rock in Rio with headliners like Drake, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bon Jovi, and Iron Maiden.

September 13th-15th 2019

The band performs at the opening of the main Parisian theatre Châtelet. During the performance, a difficult and dramatic acrobatic show was performed on the stage.

Translator: Yurii Lishchuk

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