New Ukrainian Music: LATEXFAUNA, Монтеск’є, Квіткіс, and Others

Maksym Komlev

This is new Ukrainian music that we recommend listening to.

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Translator: Roman Klochko

typeled — Згадай мене

The 16-year-old talent from Sloviansk continues to write light, catchy and stylish songs about love.

SadSvit & Паліндром — Була весна

An organic and logical collab of two artists who complement each other. 

badactress — Абонент

Another blogger who came to music is too obviously imitating Billie Eilish. She is trying so hard that it looks like a pre-planned decision. The sound from Krechet greatly helps badactress as well as the topics she raises – such as stalking on social media.

LATEXFAUNA — Cherkaschyna

Their new piece is a delight for both ears and eyes. It is simply impossible to take your eyes off these dances with serious faces.

Oksana Drama — Скажена змія
If Ms. Oksana doesn’t release any more songs, she can be proud of this one. Meaningful, without excessive drama, but still surprisingly strong. The arrangement by a member of the duo Karoon is perfect.

Qarpa — Teren

A muffled exhilarating composition of the writer and singer about love that sprouts like thorns.

Олександр Ремез — Отряд ім. Івана Сірка / Марічка

The leader of the band Руки’В Брюки and a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine presented two songs that he created during his service and rehabilitation after being wounded. The first one is the anthem of his folk in the AFU, the second one is a romantic rock’n’roll as if from the American radio of the 1940s.

киця має кігті — я можу більше

The track is about strong and independent girls who can do everything (and even more). You can go with it to a feminist rally or listen alone in moments of weakness.

BADDPRODUCER — Вітаміни (за участі Хтось із Заходу, drimandr, Tasya)

So many different artists fit on one track of the sound producer so that it sounds holistic. Here you have rap, melancholic singing, and melodic vocals.

Монтеск’є — Мандрівник 1927
Ihor Khorkavyi is known as a musical associate of Паліндром (Palindrome). But his solo work deserves special attention. In the new mystical composition, he quotes the poet Volodymyr Svidzynskyi, drifts between gloomy dream-pop and shoegaze, and beautifully intertwines the sound of wind instruments.


alyona alyona — Маріуполь

A heartfelt dedication to a city that needs no introduction. Released as part of the project “Brave Cities” by Ukraїner media.

Крихітка — Я п’ю цей вечір до кінця (кавер на гурт «Мертвий півень»)

Many years ago, Крихітка, then known as Цахес, sang the iconic song of Мертвий півень «Ми помрем не в Парижі» (We Will Not Die in Paris) together with this band. Now the band recorded a new cover of another song by the cult rock band, whose frontman died last fall.

Поживна Цінність — Втома

Poorly recorded, but not devoid of atmospheric post-punk about apathy with rays of light. Although it really could have been recorded better.

TSYNDRA — Люди = Звірі

From the song with such a title (People = Animals), you expect some fierce metal. But no – this is dreamy indie-pop with lyrics, in which the absurdity of humanity’s behavior is aptly noticed in some places.

The Rising Waters — Talking To The Wall
A track about being lost in a sea of other people’s voices and information as well as about attempts to get to the surface from another project by Andrii Savin (ISLANDINSIDE). A relevant piece. 

Соседи Стерпят — Дівчинка панк

A pop-punk band translated their old song into Ukrainian. Dedicated to all punk girls.

Space Of Variations — IMAGO

Metalcore, electronica, hardcore, and everything in between are mixed on the second album of the Vinnytsia-based metalcore band from the Austrian label Napalm Records.

Pereulok Pyatniskii — Serbestimiz EP

A great example of music in which everything is clear without words. Especially when you know that the author is in Sudak, and the title of the mini-album is translated from Crimean Tatar as “our freedom”.

Квіткіс — Всяка музика

Kyiv punks have radically changed their style and sound just as cool. This not-serious album can dispel any sadness. Deliberately naive, ironic, and funny lyrics will appeal to those who already love LATEXFAUNA.



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