Meet SLUKH.MEDIA: Ukrainian music and culture in English


From now on, the independent online media SLUKH.MEDIA will tell an international audience about Ukrainian music and culture. Our goal is to inform and interact with world music institutions, to convey the truth about the war in Ukraine by drawing attention to our culture.

The idea of ​​an English-language editorial office in SLUKH was discussed during 2021. A full-scale war gave it final impulse, and the realization took place together with the journalist and cultural manager Anaid Agadjanova.

Why did we do it?

There are almost no English-language media about Ukrainian culture so far, music ones for sure. This year it finally became clear that they are much needed. The foreign audience, industry and media have nowhere to find out information about our artists, who rarely talk about themselves anyway. Now there is such a source.

What is our goal?

Information and interaction with world music institutions. We want to tell the truth about the war in Ukraine by drawing attention to our culture.

“We hope that with this we will be able to contribute to the popularization of Ukrainian culture and music, in particular, among the international audience,” Maksym Serdiuk, co-founder and editor-in-chief of SLUKH says.

What is there to read? 

The foreign reader will be able to get acquainted with current Ukrainian music and culture through regular news, selections and author’s publications. Also on the site you can read historical materials about Ukrainian music to understand the context of its development.

We do not just translate existing content, but also adapt it, as well as prepare author’s content specifically for a foreign audience.

“I have always been troubled by the fact that in the 31 years of Ukraine’s independence, we have never had an English-language publication that would talk about Ukrainian culture with a focus on music for a foreign audience. Therefore, together with the SLUKH team, we decided to finally fix it,” Anaid Agadjanova, coordinator of the English-language edition of SLUKH.

Who do we cooperate with?

Within Ukraine, we enlisted the informational support of cultural institutions Ukrainian Institute and Music Export Ukraine. The editorial office is open to cooperation with colleagues from other Ukrainian cultural publications and specialized organizations. In parallel, the search for grant opportunities and cooperation with European publications continues.

And how can you help us? 
Spread this news. Tell your friends and colleagues in Europe, the US and anywhere else about our English version. If you are a media person, here is our press releaseThis is how we will together expand the geography of recognition of our music and culture.
Another option is to support us financially. We made the English-language version entirely on a volunteer basis. Cultural media in Ukraine need constant support from their readers. Even the smallest contribution is important. Culture is always timely, and especially in times of war. You can support us in any convenient way for you.